Sunday, February 24, 2002

More R. D. Burman results off eBay

This time it's SHALIMAR (note: link will become stale once the auction is over). This soundtrack has become a regular groove favourite in the US of A:
Composer : RD Burman ; OST : "Shalimar" ; Label : Polydor 2392147 ; Year : 1978 ; Country : India ; Condition : cov VG++ rec Ex ; Description : Yes, the hottest indian soundtrack around, for the last few years, it has become a must for every rare groove heads of this planet. It contains 3 perfect tracks in an exceptional sound quality for this kind of records: - First you have a dramatic hip-hop instrumental that must come from another planet - Then your needle gently slides to a weird song upon a kinky beat by Usha Uthup (aka Usha Iyer) "one two cha cha cha" that surely won't leave the dancefloor empty - Finally you won't be insensitive to the funky sexy "baby let's dance together" In one word, this album is fantastic...

And here's another auction item: BASERA:
OST : "Baseraa" ; Artist : R.D. Burman ; Label : Polydor 2392291 ; Country : India ; Condition : cov VG++ rec NM ; Description : This LP contains the funky euphoric duet "Tumhe chhod ke"...

Yet another one: THE GREAT GAMBLER:
Artist : R.D. Burman ; OST : "The great gambler" ; Label : EMI eclp 5566 ; Year : 1978 ; Country : India ; Condition : cov VG++ rec Ex (except an audible 10 second scratch on the firs track) ; Description : For sure this is great R.D. stuff, although it is not as hip as Shalimar, it is filled with beautiful indian songs and a funky suspense instrumental theme. There are also a few good loops for the beatheads...

And CHANDI SONA (with my corrections and modifications):
this original indian only issue lp by "Rahul Dev Burman" the man behind all the dope indian o.s.t. and this ill lp is called "CHANDI SONA" this lp features a very dope funky mambo electronic heavy percusion club banger.....which i just saw on a list last week for $150.00 plus spacey tune with like star trek sound effects solo and mad ill yes another mambo funker with such sick funk and flute club dj style with some mad mad synths and brass djs will rip it....also you will find some top hip hop samples on this rare indian only o.s.t. like weird wah vocal samples sitar,tablas on that timberland production vibe.on the emi ind ia record label from the year 1976 in mint condition....lp sounds more late 60,s to me ? top indian lp of the month..., an interesting tribute to the genre, includes a list of "the best in beats-driven soundtrack music over the past thirty years. It encompasses music from all over the world, focusing primarily on funk and 'blaxploitation' scores while including earlier groovy, jazz-influenced or 'beat' soundtracks. Ratings are based on a subjective appraisal of a soundtrack's groove element: that indefinable something that makes you want to dance, nod your head, or listen more closely to the music. The ratings are purely the opinion of's soundtracks contributors." R. D. Burman has three entries in the list: SHALIMAR, HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA, and YAADON KI BAARAAT. In case you want to sample more Bollywood hits that have achieved a following as funk classics, check out BOLLYWOOD FUNK, a July 31, 2000 release. Incidentally, the date marks the 19th death anniversary of famous Indian playback singer Mohammed Rafi. Read the entries for this album on Amazon and All Music Guide.

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