Sunday, February 24, 2002

Ridley Scott is working on yet another version of Blade Runner for the Special DVD release. Good news for the excellent visuals and sound, but what about the poor fans who have to now rush to claim another addition to their collection?, the web home of hosts an interesting interview with Scott for the British edition of Empire Magazine of February 2002. We all know by now that the movie Deckard was a replicant. I miss the ambiguity of the novel (and the completely excised subtext involving Mercerism). Independently, the film stands out as perhaps the definitive example of future noir. As an adaptation, it may only serve as yet another indicator of how tough it is to adapt Philip K. Dick for the screen. The post on slashdot includes the usual mix of interesting comments. Here's the press release on SCI FI Wire.

Daily Readings for Lent
Genesis 12:1-4
Timothy 1:8-10
Matthew 17:1-9

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