Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Classics revisited

The new TNN (I wish they had called themselves The New TNT. That would have been a cool example of a recursive abbreviation à la GNU aired the first part of The Godfather (for all ye in America, I am sure you recall the hip pop culture The Godfather Uncut promos). This is not a bowdlerized version of the Coppola classic, but the uncut original. Of course, you still have ads (albeit fewer than the usual, although I did get tired of seeing the stupid ad for Oblivious again and again) and the 2 hour telecast yesterday abruptly ended as Michael Corleone walked to the restroom leaving Sollozzo and McCluskey at the table. I agree that this is a suspenseful moment (note: only for those poor souls who haven't seen this movie yet!!), but ...sigh! The great pacing, and the great music and performances. Recommended for repeat viewing.

Incidentally, if you've seen You've Got Mail (best seen if you've been living in the United States for a while), some scenes in this film will stand out more than before (especially the one with the references to "hitting the mattresses").

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