Thursday, August 15, 2002

Speak softly love

Well, I managed to catch the second half of TNN's rendition of The Godfather {yesterday} right after a rerun of The Schizoid Man, an episode from Star Trek: TNG where a dying genius transfers his personality into Data (yes, intergalactic cornfest, but handled better, IMHO, than the like-minded disastrous Spock's Brain from the original series. Back to the Godfather. Started off bang-on with Michael heading to the restroom to retrieve the gun to shoot Sollozo and McCluskey. Of course, he has to flee to Italy to escape the heat. The dulcet Speak Softly Love is provided as background music in different arrangements as Michael explores the Italian countryside, the village of Corleone (shot in another village), falls in love, gets married and gets tragically widowed. The rest of the film stood the test of time, but my chief peeve was the pixelated nudity on the wedding night of Michael and Appolonia. After all that painful advertising about it being uncut, this was an irritating copout. Perfect moment for MST3K:

Michael (in Italian): My dear Appolonia, you have such a low resolution.

Appolonia (in Italian): <speechlessly staring doe-eyed at him>

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