Monday, August 26, 2002

Himalayan lunch, Indian music and a film trip to Vienna

I was denied the pleasure of listening to Music from India on WRFG 89.3 FM. All I got was static ... Wonder what went amiss. This meant we could drive out for lunch earlier. Our choice was the lunch buffet at Himalayas. The last time I came here was about a year ago. A decent selection, with a satisfying beef curry. The rest of the stuff passed muster, but lacked something to make it a complete winner (the cholé palak was a tad bitter and the vegetable makhani seemed a little less makhani). Still, I'd recommend it as a better restaurant, because if I remember right, the buffet menu changes as well (as opposed to some places that rarely vary their selections).

Next stop: Sona Imports, after a long long time. Apart from stocking a great music and VHS collection, the place is also DVD rental and pruchase heaven. We decided to rent Ankur (The Seedling). This 1974 critique of the caste system in India, was Shyam Benegal's directorial début and also launched Shabana Azmi as an actress. {more}. The film is generally regarded as the catalyst for the parallel cinema movement (although this issue is up for debate). I also got two more CDs:

* The golden voice of Asha Bhosle {CDF 029/MIL}

* Premnagar/Ajanabee {CDF 120217/EMI}

A visit to the Decatur branch of the Dekalb County Public Library and I had more items on my hands (as if The Mike Hammer Collection volumes I and II that I picked up on Friday weren't enough):

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