Saturday, August 03, 2002

Walking through Miss Daisy's neighbourhood

Chris and I took a guided walking tour of Druid Hills. We were the only people who showed up for the tour, which must have evoked mixed feelings from our guide, the kind Charlotte Stone Johnson, as she walked us through several years of Atlanta history aided by the varying architectural styles of different houses on Oakland and Lullwater. Chris is an avid reader and has a strong interest in architecture. I'm a movie buff. This means we have a lot of useful American trivia to help us understand the importance of the different people and events that our guide talked about. Of course, our familiarity invited increasingly large gapes from her -- after all, it's tough enough to find a lot of Americans who know a great deal about American history and here she was confronted by two Indians (with Christian names to boot) who seemed to be comfortable with the information she was dishing out.

The star attraction of the walk was of course 822 Lullwater Rd: The house from Driving Miss Daisy.

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