Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Egosearching on Google -- with a twist, shaken but not stirred

Picked this cool idea off Gaurav's blog.

The Algorithm: Type a few verbs after your name in Google's search box

The Output: Potentially interesting results

"george is" got me about 127, 000 results {since my name was the most popular one in the US in 2001 [behindthename] am I surprised?}

Top result : George is moving

{ True a while ago, but no longer }

George is, quite simply, the worst helpdesk technician ever

{ I disagree!! }

George is a kind, generous, and enthusiastic person who loves economics

{ Modesty prevents me ... }

George is an Emeritus Professor of Computer Systems in the Department of Computer Science...

{ Wishes ... Horses ... }

George is taking a nap

{ Something my employers must not know }

George is Dead

{ Zombie, zombie ...}

George is one of Hawaii's best known performers of slack key guitar music

{ I'm in the derby ... }

George is written in Perl

{ No way!! }

George is the type of guy who tends to make a mess

{ Excuse me!?! }

George is the coolest

{ Mirror mirror on the net ... }

George is a god

{ aah! }

George is polite but firm with his audiences

{ I'm overwhelmed }

That's enough ego fondling for a day.

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