Wednesday, February 19, 2003

3D studio: desi ishtyle

{Jaani Dushman: volume I}

What if Dev Anand decided to make a horror film? The answer is: Jaani Dushman, Raj Kumar Kohli's outrageous addition to his trilogy of abysmal offspring launchers. The offspring: Armaan Kohli, renamed Munish Kohli for this film (for tax purposes?). This is the most glorious accomplishment ever to come out of Bollywood and deserves every nibble of electronic blog space it gets. First off, some facts:

* This is probably the first Bollywood film ever to feature a muscular skeleton. Perhaps the fact that it's Manisha Koirala will serve as an explanation

* This movie has one of the highest values for the cherished metric that is "star actor cameos per inch of film"

* This is also a movie that relies on the supporting cast to elevate its state as well as the well-being of Munish Kohli, the "star" for whom the film serves as a launchpad (again)

* This is the first film to present surreal and expressionist interpretations of special effects from Hollywood blockbusters like The Matrix, Terminator 2 and Star Wars (the entire canon) within the confines of a bloated ill-spent budget accompanied by juvenile usage of cutting edge tools like 3D Studio Max, Alias Wavefront and Microsoft Powerpoint.

coming soon: a breakup of the elements that justify a place for this film in the history books.

In the meantime, enjoy another synopsis/review.

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