Tuesday, February 25, 2003

current reads

A pile of books beside my bed. I'm reading several books at one time. And it's not tough to maintain a separate context for each one. After all, how can I mix rants about Harvey Weinstein and Miramax {Movie Wars: How Hollywood And The Media Conspire To Limit What Films We Can See}, a disturbing tale of schizophrenia {Spider}, a sprawling book about the inventor of the "Spaghetti westerns" tinged with a la recherche du temps perdu and the history of Italian cinema {Sergio Leone: Something to do with Death}, pragmatic advice on programming in Java {Effective Java}, and an interesting study of Bollywood and the Indian filmgoer {The Dream Merchants of Bollywood}. And there are the letters from the people who love me and care for me (credit card companies, travel companies, car insurance companies, shopping centres, missing people).

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