Thursday, February 27, 2003

public exposure ... and reality beats satire

A couple of weeks ago, newspapers carried reports about Chelsea Clinton being in the running for a high-paying job at McKinsey. Now they scream out loud that she didn't make it. Imagine a bulletin board outside your college recruting office that had your name, your department and your photograph and updates next to your entry about jobs you were applying for, the companies that rejected you and so on. Ugh!

Channel-switching yesterday evening got me to CBS and there standing at a podium with a never fading smirk on his face was my vegetated namesake, George W Bush making yet another brain-dead proclamation about Iraq and incumbent war. Applause followed statements that didn't seem (a) inspirational (b) funny (c) both of the above. Everything felt like a Saturday Night Live sketch spoofing the White House. It's strange when truth can chillingly work better than satire. Wonder what prevents people from just ousting him from office and getting someone sane there before the whole nation goes for a toss...

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