Tuesday, February 11, 2003


was what I was yesterday. After a rather low turnout on the monthly South Asian Writers Group meeting, First China Seafood Restaurant (they also serve other dishes too, just in case you don't care too much for sea food), right aside Boulangerie. Great portions. Consequently, I headed home with way too much good food in me, and a promise for some flatulence.

who but a Nazi would deny that Karl Marx was a German... because he was a Jew?

This and the fascination with clocks. Things that stand out along with some great camerawork in The Stranger, Orson Welles' most conventional film, made only to prove that he could also make a movie by the numbers, on schedule and without any "artistic" hangups. Although I had seen it two months ago on TCM, I welcomed the chance to catch this little studio product again, this time on DVD {sidenote: one thing that can be skipped completely is the rather frivolous sparse and inane commentary by Jeffrey Lyons -- clearly, he had very little to say}.

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