Tuesday, August 12, 2003

bookshelf snapshot

Looking up at the bookshelf I see that I have my new additions from the library to deal with: A Sanskrit Grammar for Students by Arthur MacDonell (which I must return, for I don't think I can muster the patience to match my initial enthusiasm), Analog Days (a book about the history and importance of the Moog synthesizer), and William Safire's Let a Simile be your Umbrella, another collection of this language maven's excursions into the fine and very-very-fine matters of the English language.

Addendum from the future: Later in the evening, I added a few more volumes to the sagging shelf: Harmony (a very readable text by Walter Piston, released in a fifth edition with edits from Mark Devoto), Knowing the Score (a set of interviews conducted by David Morgan with different contemporary film composers about their work) [review], Ultra Lounge: The Lexicon of Easy Listening by Dylan Jones (being an interesting look at the genre of easy listening music).

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