Monday, August 25, 2003

ICMS: Dr. Alaka Deo Marulkar

A wonderful evening-to-night of music courtesy ICMS. Dr Marulkar was accompanied by Milind Pote on tabla and Haresh Bakshi on harmonium. Since neither was part of her regular entourage, they had to adjust and accomodate, which is usually a good way to weed out the incapables. Pote made the transition admirably, but Bakshi left a lot to be desired in the speed and innovation departments. Such minor quibbles aside (including the fact that the programme took off 45 minutes late, pursuant to the needs of Indian Stretchable Time and a late and overlong intermission), I got a good introduction to Raag PaTa Bihaag (a confluence of PaTadiip and Bihaag).

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