Wednesday, August 20, 2003

music mix: old, not too old {previous note}

Vijaypath represented the kind of songs that Anu Malik could churn out at ease, in his sleep. Catchy melodies, repeated phrases, turnarounds that benefitted from tab completion, the occasional innuendo, lightweight instrumentation (instead of the SJ/LP-influenced assembly-line product from Nadeem-Shravan infested with raucous dholaks).

Lata says etabaar instead of aitabaar in pyaar ko ho jaane do, a duet with Kumar Sanu for Dushman. AFAIK, that's not kosher. Of course, I hate hearing her voice in the 90s anyways, but I think I'm being objective on this count.

Baby-face Sonu Nigam tries to look cool on screen again(!!) in Love in Nepal (shall we call this a horror flick or a comedy?). Predictably he dominates the soundtrack for the film. He hasn't had too many problems with pronunciation in the past, yet he insists on singing kayaal instead of Kayaal (I'm using ITrans notation, by the way). What gives?

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