Tuesday, August 26, 2003

so far away ...

Yesterday, twin blasts rocked Bombay bringing back nasty memories of 1993. More and more bodies are being recovered. While friends, foes, and families condemn the events and mourn the lost ones. While politicians do the needful by condemning the act. While the expected fingers begin pointing at our friendly neighbour even before waiting for the evidence to do the job for them. Distance has dulled the impact of the event for me, I must admit, but I can still sense the horror I would have experienced had I been back home in Pune. A lot of what happened in the aftermath of 9/11 is happening here: there are reports that the police had information that such an event might occur, about the failure of communication, ongoing investigations, and once again, more about the internally fragmented police force.

Perhaps the sanest comment on the whole event comes from former super-cop Julio Ribeiro: ... there is a ray of hope. Within hours, mohalla committee members were actively moving around sensitive areas. Communal hatred is a people's issue and intelligent citizens must come together to solve it. The strength of Mumbai was visible in 1993, when within 24 hours, capital markets bounced back. I'm sure it'll happen again, only if politicians don't reduce themselves for calling for a stupid thing called a bandh.

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