Saturday, August 30, 2003

darna mana hai: again (WARNING: spoilers)

burning question: Did Prawaal Raman intentionally leave a hole in the ending of the film? We never see Romi (Gaurav Kapur) being killed. In fact, the last we see of him is when he heads out back to the van. The next moment marks the entry of Sushant Singh, who has been sitting outside the shelter for a while (a fact backed by some P-O-V camera earlier). Although SS insists that he has killed all their other friends, I don't see how he had time to kill Romi, unless he had telekinetic powers. SS's character even falters on the body count at one point ("6 or 7" he says). When the police officer reports back, he says that they have found 6 bodies. We have a grand total of 8. That means 2 bodies unaccounted for (can't see which ones they missed, considering the close radius of all the ugly goings-on). And then, at the end, when all the friends assemble in spirit (pun! pun!), Romi is the one missing. Subtle Sequel possibilities? Yes, Darna Zaroori Hai has been announced, but I think I'm just overreacting.

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