Monday, August 18, 2003

smash palace {title surreptitiously borrowed from Roger Donaldson's 1981 chiller}

Sitting on a lay-z-boy sipping soda (Coke, since this is Atlanta) and chomping away at Doritos and Ruffles. Dancing to tunes from Govinda and Mithun starrers. Executing Ganapati-naach manoeuvres. Watching people get smashed -- on beer, malibu, shots of tequila. Looking in awe at the rapidly receding level of a large bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label. Staring in amazement at a dude sitting at the end of a couch high on malibu solving the Rubik's cube, his hands tracing through practised smooth effortless waveforms as he slid the layers into position, one by one. Indulging in Nilu Phule imitations. Relishing rice, daal, and chicken curry. Staring in horror as the wooden floor vibrated threateningly with each massively executed pithy dance move.

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