Monday, January 26, 2004

hero: how swift thy sword!

Zhang Yimou's 2002 fantasy flick Hero was nominated in the Foreign Film Section of the 2002 Oscars (awarded in 2003). The film is yet to come to the US of A via the regular distribution channels (aka hack-attack Miramax). Deriving from Chinese history (specifically the Warring States period) and employing CG from a series of dazzling visuals and martial stunts, this entertaining flick tells the tale of love, honour, duty and revenge with Rashomon-esque flashbacks (complete with colour scheme coding, something that Kurosawa's classic did not rely on). Lots of familiar faces here including Jet Li, Tony Leung (see also: Infernal Affairs, In the Mood For Love), Maggie Cheung (see also: In the Mood For Love), Zhang Ziyi (see also: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). I had a good time watching this flick. Not sure if this was a "made-for-America" flick (as a friend puts it) just like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was, but it was a great visual and aural experience. The sound of the rain droplets during the fight between Nameless (echoes of Eastwood) and Sky is my favourite aural moment. Visually, there are too many to choose from.

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