Tuesday, January 27, 2004

the paradox of newsworthy death

The TOI has an opinion column spinning off the unfortunate death of the PM's grand nephew. On Republic Day (Monday), this 21-year-old college student was thrown out of a running train because he tried to stop some men from harassing women on a train. The article urges us to ignore the fact that he was related to the PM, and presents this as the dilemma of safety for the common man. Yet, I see a set of related articles indicating more official action than might have occurred had the college student been a real nobody (aka aam janataa kaa ek sadasya unrelated to any bigwig). Perhaps his degree of separation will help avert such tragedies in future. Which would mean that important people (or people related to them) must be involved in cases of injustice for something to get done. How unjust.

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