Thursday, January 29, 2004


ARR's music for M F Hussain's next muse-driven venture (with muse == Tabu) Meenaxi (A Tale of Three Cities) has been receiving buzz in the regular fan circles. The official release ceremony has been postponed to accomodate ARR's pilgrimage. Just managed to catch two of the songs, and I am pleased to say that they rock. ARR is back (for me he's been gone for a long long time). The two tracks: ye rishtaa (is this the same Reena Bharadwaj who features on the Baba soundtrack?); and dhu_aa.N dhu_aa.N from the peppy side of ARR's brain (the only personal downside on this one is the presence of the aging Asha). The orchestrations and arrangements are much more controlled, and there's no danger of getting lost in soundscapes. So far so good. Bring 'em on.

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