Wednesday, January 21, 2004

scattered thoughts

Wish there were a 1-click way to destroy all cellphones. Wish there was a selective mute button in public places. Wish the TOI would move to a good portal solution instead of a half-baked slow Windows-heavy junkyard that spews out content like "The revision level is unknown.". Wish good films would actually make money. Wish moneymaking films were actually good. Wish there was a point to voting. Wish politics actually meant something good. Wish music did not have such a broad implication. Wish intelligent people had money. Wish rich people were intelligent. Wish expensive commercial software would work better than free software. Wish the obvious advantages of free software with bugs over expensive commercial bloatware with bugs would be clear. Wish marketing departments would focus on making more deliveries than promises. Wish software solution choices were made by people who would actually use them. Wish pay were always commensurate with effort and ability. Wish outsourcing were studied as a purely economic solution and not an excuse for territorial and ethnic mudslinging. Wish the true cultural populace of Pune could exterminate the vermin who pass off as culture police. Wish that the issue of Kashmir were not NP-complete. Wish I'd stop thinking of stuff like this.

And all the anti-outsourcing fever boils up to TORAW ( The Organization for the Rights of American Workers). The agenda is clear: We do not discriminate against any ethnic group or their country of origin. We are not against legal immigrants working here in the U.S. pending their citizenship. We want to guarantee that our U.S. citizens and permanent green card status immigrants are gainfully employed before non-immigrant foreign workers are imported to fill positions ... Our issue is with OUR laws, OUR treaties and OUR international trade agreements which fail to protect the American worker. Fair, yet grim.

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