Friday, January 30, 2004

Maqbool hits the screens ... {while I grind my teeth in Atlanta} [blog thread]

dil namaazii hai ke kaafir Kudaa jaane

ashq me.n aag hai ke paaraa Kudaa jaane

ha.Nsii me.n hai ke fareb Kudaa jaane

jism me.n pyaas hai ke taDap Kudaa jaane

ishq junuu.N hai ke hawas Kudaa jaane

"Maqbool is class" screams a Rediff review. Subhash K Jha sticks up the thumbs in his review. A Mid-day reviewer has more nice things to say. Did you know Naseer was the original choice for Abbaji, and he chose the role of the cop, recommending Pankaj Kapur instead? Hope Vishal's efforts get him the box-office mileage and wider audience he deserves.

Waiting for KM's venom on Monday ...

Meanwhile, Paap the skinfest {see: music review} turned out to be a ripoff (what else would you expect from the butt-brained Bhatts?) of Witness. (Bhatt previously hashed up the car maintenance shed sequence for Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin). Other sources report elements from the old Mahesh Bhatt musical watershed Sadak (which presented audiences with a song-filled melodrama-rich gaudy version of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver).

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