Thursday, September 22, 2005

eii! abbey! [link and update provided by: Sudarshan]

So, like, there's this Goan singer called Abbey Fizardo. And you know, like, he was apparently on-screen singing khallaas in RGV's Company. But, I'm, like, not going down the RGV path here, you know. What I'm trying to tell you about, you know, is his new remix album called Tarana Pyaar Ka. His first album, Josh had this song called ai sanam. The video for the song, you know, was this big hit. And then he had this second album called Fidaa. Now that was a dud, ya. So, well, the point is, I'm not trying to bring him down. Yet. Since all this pop-shop stuff gets so much coverage, you know, he also got this interview. And then he gets asked all these smart questions, ya. Like "what's the album gonna be like?" and "Did you always know you wanted to be a Musician, or are you self taught?" You know Sudarshan said this was like asking "Does the sun rise in the east, or is the moon white?" Which means that, you know, they managed to find an interviewer who was totally tuned into Abbey's psyche. Totally psychotic, no?

The other answers are also very thought-provoking ya. When he talks about the video for the song taraanaa pyaar kaa he says: It's a story about a school girl and boy who are doing fun stuff in the video. I make a cameo appearance doing what I always I wanted to do-a video where I get to play my Strand guitar. So naughty he is no?

And he even lets you into the key to succeeding in Indi-pop: You just have to have a London passport and they're willing to listen to your music even if it's not Indi-pop.

You know what really gets me, ya? It's when he gives us more information about the title song of the album: The title Tarana Pyar Ka, is from the Anil Kapoor starer, Andar Bhar. I don't know if he's talking about some dirty movie that we weren't supposed to watch as kids, you know, or if he's talking about that copy of 48 Hours. That movie was called Andar Bahar and had RD Burman's music and I know this song was not there ya. Sudarshan agrees with me, and you know, he actually pointed me to a page that had more details and even lyrics. Turns out, you know, it's a song called gu.nche lage hai.n from this Rajshri production named Tarana. The film also has this song called sultaanaa sultaanaa meraa naam hai sultaanaa, which you might remember. No? And you know it stars Mithunda. So cool no? Now I'm really ticked off about his knowledge, ya. Even that lithe-and-light Anamika ripped off some oldie (that RD Burman-composed Mukesh song from Phir Kab Milogi) and even changed the gender of the singer ... And most of those people who bought her album didn't even know. And they didn't even care. Damn sad, ya.

Meanwhile, Juddha is doing wonderful box office business ...

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