Thursday, September 22, 2005

more babble and some useful information

After recently covering everything about "empowerment", SRK is back with some more notes on Indian (read: Bollywood) cinema. First, his take on getting offers from Hollywood:

"I am going to be completely honest about this one. It isn't like Spielberg is waiting at Mannat with offers. But that's perfectly okay with me, neither am I dying to play a butler in a Bond film"

Then his take on Indian (clearly he means only Bollywood) cinema:

"I think we shouldn't change our song-and-dance, because that is unique to us and we shouldn't let go off that. Our emotional content is pretty strong too, so that stays. But it's high time that we tell better stories, the pattern has to change. Also the technology has great scope for improvement"

He continues talking about the content of these films (watch the narrative thread and the logical flow):

"We have got to change the way we dress. By which I mean, our films have got to get shorter. A global audiences easily tires of a 3 hour saga. Besides, we shouldn't shut our eye to the fact that Hollywood has screenplays which are scientifically very sound; we on our side have a few loose ends there. Having said that; I believe that our Aamir's and Ash's are no less that them. And this is something I strongly I strongly believe," he states.

He then proceeds to pee on everything he's said so far (and even gets to crack a schoolkid's joke):

"But you also got to understand that we live in a yuppie world. It's a business world, so you got to change your garb. It's like, if you want to go to a world party, you got to wear a tuxedo, Gandhi's dhoti won't do!"

I think it's time for an SRK vs Sidhu showdown ...

Then there's Salman Khan proudly noting that "playing a crazy guy is easy!" while talking about Kyon Ki (the existence of which we recently noted).

It's about a guy who's crazy," he said of his character, Anand. "For me, that's very easy to play. This guy, who killed his wife, which is not true. That part was not so easy."

He even goes on to add:

"When people find roles challenging, it means somewhere they're incompetent ... They don't know their job really well. I didn't think there was anything challenging. What I found difficult with this film was to wake up at 5:30 every morning. Shooting until 8 in the evening. That was challenging."

On an unrelated note, let me point you to more information on how you can disappear in America without a trace.

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