Thursday, September 22, 2005

the lady vanishes? ... and so does a sense of language

BVHK spikes my morning cup of coffee with a pointer to an article about the mysterious disappearance of Chitrangda (for those still in the soggy caves of mainstream cinema, she featured in the wonderful Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and the recently silently released Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow. There's also a related TOI article. The essence of the problem: she appears to have become inaccessible. And the reasons cited include (a) a possessive husband (golfer Jyoti Randhawa) (b) an ultimatum from her in-laws (c) a general lack of "good" offers. Who knows what the truth is? Should she never return, we might lose a rarity in these days: a good and beautiful actress.

Non sequitur: Time to take the Subhash K Jha article apart. They compared her with Smita Patil, and she didn't mind. You must mean "compared to" Mr Jha, since they were, I believe, trying to bring out the similarities and not the differences. And when you go on to note Chitrangda has disappeared from the face of Hollywood, I must ask shouldn't you be present at a place before vanishing from there?. Granted, this was probably a typo. But the earlier example?

But then, who cares?

[update: september 28, 2005] It seems even more official, now that posters of Kal focus only on Chitrangda ... {more}

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