Thursday, September 15, 2005

the Indian village belle of the new millennium?

In an interview with the Indian Express, one-film-down-one-to-go (and LIFO too!) ex-Miss-India (bleargh!) Tanushree Dutta responds to tired questions in often-interesting ways. Deep in the middle is the description of her character in Chocolate [notes on the soundtrack]. It's also the path-breaking description of the new Indian village girl. The saltant saturnalian silage-hewing siren of the season?

My role is that of a ruthlessly ambitious girl. She probably belongs to a small town in India and has gone abroad to make a living. She is determined to make it big. Basically she is a temptress, having a dubious past. She's smart, suave, stylish and also very manipulative. At the same time, there is an innocent look about her which is so deceptive. It's got a lot of shades.

Thanks to a typo(?) we know that bhiigaa bhiigaa saa is one of her "favourite dongs[sic] from the movie" (her other favourites are most likely the rest of the songs on the album).

And finally, here's another sample fragment to whet your appetite (or kill it?):

Which is your favorite ringtone? What's playing on your cell phone right now?

My ringtone currently is in a confused state. For 15 days in a month it is the title track of Aashiq Banaya Aapne and for the other 15 days it is Halka Halka Sa Nasha from Chocolate. I am torn apart between loyalties! If I play the ringtone of one movie, the other movie unit thinks I'm not loyal and vice versa!

Tell the readers why they should watch Chocolate.
We all love eating chocolate. Now you get to see Chocolate. It's mysterious. There is a lot more to it than what you can see and what we have done. To find out what is the mystery in Chocolate and what is Chocolate, you must go and see the film.

Incidentally the interview takes a leaf from Rediff (Movies)'s patent-pending salacious algorithm for marketing interviews by going with a title of No doubt, Emran the best kisser ever: Tanushree.

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