Tuesday, September 27, 2005

all roads lead to ... here???

[a sequel to a previous post of a similar nature] [aka more roads people found to this humble zone]

* Not sure how much I wrote about the carrier[sic] graph of sai paranjpe

* download Raju srivastava comedy from Star One channel? Honestly, I have no idea how (apparently they're talking about this guy)

* residential address of sonu nigam: Hmm, after all the bile I've spewed against him I doubt he'd divulge that piece of information ...

* saajan mera us paar hai: A reminder that I need to revive my memories of Ganga Jamuna Saraswati?

* Learnt about the word from Shashi Tharoor's The Great Indian Novel; should this page on Reference.com containing a sole search result for steatomammate represent some success my attempts at encouraging usage?

* combination of music director bappi lahiri and anand bakshi: Would include things like Jyoti [remember that movie?] and Yodha (remember that Amit Kumar song that went duniyaa me.n jiinaa hai to (with the ta na na na naa ta na na na naa refrain)?)

* sooraj ki pehli raat ka sex: Speechless ...

* address and phone number of dvd libraries in khar,mumbai: so far away from me ...

elsewhere, meghana naidu tickles the funny bone (no pun intended) by asserting that she can act as well. In addition to talking about the similarities between Black and Rain. Blind girl, blind girl. An extract:

"I and Himanshu (Himanshu Malik) participated in a rigorous 20-day workshop and Amol himself took great pains in ensuring that I had the perfect body language. It was a bit difficult in the first three days but gradually I got used to the idea of walking on the sets with my eyes closed.

Lata, however, hits the truthful side of the spectrum by noting on her 76th birthday (Sep 28) that her voice is very average (yes, indeed; in the present tense, her voice only gives her extra points should she apply for membership to the X-Men)

Apurva Apoorva (Nov 21, 2005: that's how the credit reads on the soundtrack CD sleeve) Lakhia, the zorino responsible for the flaccid dingleberry called Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost is back with yet another movie featuring Amitabh Bachchan (it's time now to give a movie extra points if it does not feature the Big B in any shape or form -- aural or visual -- or any references to any of his movies). The movie is called Ek Ajnabee. This time the seed entry on Wikipedia achieves a new plus. It tells you about the movie AL is ripping off (Man on Fire). And guess what? That source movie's a remake itself. Are you trying to tell me that we've run out of movies to filch stuff from? Aw! C'mon now. We can do better than that.

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