Wednesday, December 28, 2005

caribou tank rhythm updates

[sched: Jan 20, 2006]: Sun Zarra (formerly known as Production No. 29) directed by Rohit Krishnakant Nayyar (most probably the Rohit in Rohit-Manish who made a directorial dive with Muskaan) and produced by Salim Akhtar and Aftab Pictures Pvt. Ltd; co-stars include Samir Aftab, and Anjana. Sandesh Shandilya does the musical honours (with Amit Sana figuring on one of the tracks). The highlight seems to be a huge bastii set erected in Ooty and a performance as a Bihari baabuu. There's no official word yet on whether the title came from a song on the soundtrack of the dingleberry called Lucky: No Time For Love offering slivers of sequences featuring pi.nDii daas (P.D.) kapuur, lots of sequences featuring once-topless-now-clothed Salman "Against the Law" Khan, Sneha "I look so much like Aishwarya and suck just as much in the acting department" Ullal, and a wonderful axiom (not verbatim): diiwaro.n par filmo.n ke ##poster## lagaane se koii hi.ndustaanii nahii.n ban jaataa. The extra 'r' comes from a numerologically inspired rechristening courtesy Sanjay Jumani.

Some information poring on his IMDB page tells me that he was born in 1947. And yet, an article earlier this year that prompted a post from YT says he turned 49 in 2005. That would make his birth year 1956.

he agni dev! saare brahmaa.nD ko raushanii denewaale! bataa! kaun sach bol rahaa hai aur kaun kanaphuuj ho gayaa hai? (beat) kal bataa_oge? kal? (echo) (kal mai.n phir aa_uu.Ngaa) ...

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