Sunday, December 04, 2005

strings of life

Sanjay Gupta scores his first ace with Zinda by roping in Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia (aka Strings) to do a song for the soundtrack. ye hai merii kahaanii is classic Strings material and a very very enjoyable track. The video, shot in B&W, features the two lead annoyances of the film, Sanjay Dutt (busting his chops trying to show off playing the drums) and John Abraham (mouthing some verse smack in the middle of the song). Both Dutt and Abraham also figure on the original track, and this takes some coolness points away from the song.

The other famous soundtrack that Strings featured on was Spider-Man 2 (with naa jaane kyo.n). Technically, this is not the OST by an ancillary album of "music from and inspired by the film." What's interesting is that the American release listed on Amazon has Aerosmith's cover of the TV theme as track #19. The release that made it to India (IE-loving track listing on Sony India, review) substitutes Aerosmith's track with the Strings track.

Meanwhile, the producers of the original are intent on some serious action as far as this rip-off is concerned. Regardless of the fact that Gupta's ventures are usually accompanied by cool soundtracks, I hope something comes of this venture.

For those who've heard about the IFFI being held in Goa this year, Sanjay Gupta's been even more audacious by hogging the closing ceremony by inflicting his plagiarism on the audience. This guys has b***s, and he's going to lose 'em soon.

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