Sunday, December 11, 2005

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A post and a note from Vipul drew my attention to a neglected panel on the flashy Zinda portal. Vipul's post has more on this. What caught my attention later was another panel in the same zone. It's a note about the cinematographic side of things (D/P Sanjay F. Gupta -- a middle initial distinguishes him from our rip-off raajaa helming this project):

In order to capture an edgy cinematic feel, the film has been shot in the Super 16 format. This format has helped enable the use of sharp wide-angle lenses up to 5.6 mm.
The visual texture and tone of the film is gritty with desaturated greys, with a stark and minimalist colour palette employed throughout. The primary colour of the film is[sic] grey, red and yellow.
The busy city life of Bangkok during the day, alternated with the neon lit nightlife has been used to create an exciting celluloid backdrop to the action.

It's nice to see such detail. The technology behind filmmaking often gets overshadowed by typically less interesting on-screen hysterics (at least as far as Bollywood is concerned).

The framing and lensing has been of a classically stylized nature, keeping with the theme of the film.

I wonder how the theme of the film could motivate a classically stylised nature (whatever that means).

It would be more interesting to get SFG to talk more about his work than have SG screaming to the rooftops about his creativity[sic].

Incidentally (and predictably), a US remake is the works too. Wonder if, as with Naina, the Indian rip-off will beat the official American remake to the finish line ...

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