Thursday, April 29, 2010

watch the hands

That's what they tell you if you're keen on figuring out how a magician's magic worked. That's how you spot the legerdemain. The presdigitation. The sleight of hand. Someone gave most TV anchors in India the idea that a magician's actions were the best guide for on-screen behaviour. This explains why all those anchors on countdown shows, all those "reporters" on various "news" channels, all those "interviewers" in celebrity snuff pieces look like they were trying to do one of the following:
  • trying to do card tricks with neither cards nor tricks
  • trying to practise sign language
  • trying to wash invisible windows
  • trying to get exercise for the axilla

Unfortunately, some of these on-screen shenanigans end up seeming rather unfortunately ... inappropriate. Consider this "interview." The "interviewer" looks like he's either trying to audition for a commercial for Steak N' Shake burgers or trying to describe innovations in personal flotation devices. The latter gives you another way of looking at all such videos online. Consider it the equivalent in the world of online videos of the clinomaniacal suffix appended to those random lines found in fortune cookies.

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