Saturday, April 10, 2010

what happens to the taste of coffee now?

James Gosling has decided to "move on" from Oracle. This must surely be significant in the list of changes and happenings since Oracle's acquisition of Sun. Oracle now owns both the HotSpot JVM and JRockit; it owns BEA WebLogic and controls the fate of Glassfish (which, interestingly, owes something to code from Oracle TopLink -- itself an acquired product -- donated by Oracle years ago). Gosling's been supportive of JavaFX and didn't quite like the state of the JCP, another thing that Oracle will control. My thoughts about the future of Java since Oracle's acquisition of Sun have not been positive. They were surely biased by what I saw happening to Orion and TopLink after Oracle had acquired them. Gosling's departure, unfortunately does not help matters. It suggests that a lot may be wrong with the direction Oracle intends to go with Java. Still, Java is bigger than anything else that Oracle has acquired and one will have to wait to see how things shape up.

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