Monday, March 18, 2002

Adnan Sami For Free!
For musician Adnan Sami it was a dream come-true when his favourite Bollywood star Dev Anand asked him to compose music for one of his songs in the film 'Love at Times Square'. So thrilled was the rolly polly music director with the offer that he decided to work for free for the filmmaker. "How can I charge any money from him? We all have grown up watching his films", said Sami. And this Dev Anand is a real lucky chap because it is not Sami who alone has offered to work for free for him. Singer Lucky Ali who is starred in the film will also be rendering his voice for the songs of the film and won't charge a dime for it. Another big name Ustad Sultan Khan is also involved with the music of the film. Now with so many acclaimed names coming together for the film 'Love at Times Square' is sure going to be a musical to watch out for! {from a post on RMIM}
Based on the last several 'abhi to main jawaan hoon' movies from Shri Dev, I can only cringe at the prospect.

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