Thursday, March 28, 2002

Pancham on eBay

RAREST&BEST Burman OST EP- GARAM MASALA (note: link will become stale once the auction is over): Here's some of Burman's best music ever on record. It's between his seventies funk period and his jazz and rock oriented sixties. Best of both. It's very laid back swinging with freakishly played electric wah wah guitar, big band, treated hammond, jazz singing and wild screams! Sudden bursts of inspired and swinging beatnik suspense madness. They really arrested the groove on this session! This EP is ultra rare. 4 tracks. This one is NM- (cover and record). ODEON INDIA 1970, EMOE 2196.
BURMAN OST '73 - WILD FUNK & BOSSA elpee (note: link will become stale once the auction is over): This soundtrack from 1973 by the great R.D. Burman has three instro's! Two of which are truly, deeply disturbed! They have speedy, strange funky rhythms, crazy melodies and arrangements (much Hammond, brass and sounds from other worlds). This is very wild music, the beats are amazing. What a fat hammond sound! The third instrumental is dramatic, in a forties universal horror vein. You can easily imagine the fake laboratory of some crazy professor. There's more good news. Two songs are INCREDIBLY good and soulful. Especially one, HAN JI HAN with a laid back BOSSA NOVA groove and great instrumental Hammond parts and fender solos. Lots of loops and samples. This is one of the best Indian soundtracks that I know off and it has a beautiful painted cover. It's in NM shape

Seems like a good time to post another review of Bollywood Funk.

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