Sunday, March 17, 2002

the temple and the library

The forecast said it would be warm (bingo) with showers (just one itsy-bitsy drizzle!). Made my second visit to the Hindu temple.
Here are my hauls from the weekend trip to the public library. (The books have links to their entries on, the CDs have links to entries in the All Music Guide)

Spent some time at BORDERS after a long long time. The strategically placed stacks full of SPIDERMAN revival material can only mean one thing -- the movie is going to hit theatres pretty soon. Great stack of CDs on the listening stands in Blues, Rock & Pop. Personal recommendations based on what I liked and what I remember:

  • The Blues White Album: Just like Beatles Go Baroque, this album has enough meat in it to become more than yet another album covering songs by the Beatles. Recommended tracks: Revolution, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

  • Greatest Hits: The Doobie Brothers: What can say? Radio staples, great infectious melodies, it's all here, in yet another great compilation from Rhino Records

  • Parachutes: Cold Play: Recommendations: Yellow, Parachute.

Knuth: All Questions Answered
The AMS published a lecture by Donald Knuth called All Questions Answered (pdf), where Knuth simply responded to questions from the audience.
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