Friday, March 29, 2002

Another cross-cutural eBay item

KARZ - TOP Funky INDIAN OST - BEATS & SAMPLES (note: link will become stale once the auction is over): Here's another funky Indian soundtrack. The film is from 1980, so the recording technique is also excellent. Perfect for sampling, with beats, wah wah guitar, basslines, moog effects and strange melodies. Six songs, nearly all great with lengthy funk and dark trip hop suspense parts. There are extremely groovy samples with sounds you have never heard before. I don't know who's drumming here, but he's a funky drummer! Some songs of interest: PAISA PAISA powerfull funk with distortion guitars. Begins with weird Moog sounds, brass opening, drum riff. Then a disco/funk groove starts pounding, with wah wah, brass accents and hippie chorus.When you think you had everything, a groovy steeldrum solo sets in! OM SHANTI OM, starts as a Herbie Hancock tune from his "Hands" album! Relaxed Disco funk with a moog jazz solo. Than the Indian madness bursts loose, with a lot of La La La, Bappi Lahiri style sounds and a soprano sax jazz solo that provides a nice climax. Then there's KAMAAL HAI which is more "ethnic" but with heavy stoned drum/percussion groove and a mesmerizing melody. A zillion samples! By Laxmikant Pyarelal. EMI India, PEASD 2034, STEREO, 1980

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