Wednesday, March 13, 2002

An online friend Karthik from Bangalore has been building a list of indian film tunes inspired from/ripped off foreign sources. He calls his site I2FS (Inspired Indian Film Songs). I've been sending him stuff from time to time. My favourite inspired tune just made it to the site: The mukhda (opening verse) R. D. Burman's bhajan 'Kaahe apnon ko' from the 1972 film Raampur ka Lakshman uses the central motif in the second movement (titled 'Romance') from Sergei Prokofiev's 1934 symphonic suite Lieutenant Kijé (op. 60). The March 13, 2002 entry in the site diary has more details. He has also noted the Sting connection (related blog entry) to the same song.

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