Friday, March 29, 2002

Lopsided eBay auction items of the day (NOTE: discretion advised for content)

Indian OST- JUNGLE LOVE - Erotic/Nude TARZAN (note: link will become stale once the auction is over): JUNGLE LOVE: A TARZAN MOVIE - ANAND MILIND. This Tarzan movie is from 1980 so it was probably mainly an excuse to show minimally clad women. This sleeve actually shows a female nipple! This is as nude as it gets in India. Tagline for this film was: "Adventures love story of a Tarzan". How mixed up can it get? The good thing is that the music is extremely entertaining, yes, WITH Tarzan wails (AAHOEAIIIWAH), brass mimicing elephants, bongo beats, KILLER latin funk bass/drum beats in extreme crisp STEREO (on MERE MEHBOOB AAYEGA which somebody HAS to sample, loop this beat and you're halfway finished with a super dance track). Also with loud tympani/brass/violins like you're listening to a king kong disco soundtrack. There are even Indians imitating African singing. So this record is dangerously weird!!!! An exotica classic! You might find HE MAN OH MY HE MAN excellent for club play because it's dirty disco with much jazzy stuff on it and sexy singing. I think there are many samples on this album. This is your change to own a funky soundtrack of "Adventures love story of a Tarzan"! It might not be SHALIMAR but it's really good. Record and sleeve Mint-. SUPER SHFLP 11367 STEREO, India, 1980.

Indian SEX FILM EP '73 - CALL GIRL - Erotic (note: link will become stale once the auction is over): Call Girl - Sapan Jagmohan. Soundtrack EP from the infamous Indian sex film Call Girl from 1973. Super obscure and rare. There are 4 songs on it and one, Jawani Mere Jara, is a fantastic mod affair. Super tight percussion, funky hammond, powerfull brass accents, sexy singing, a crazy, crazy swinging break and what more. It begins with a girl talking over a groove: "He now, come dance with me sweetheart, don't be shy love!" This copy is NM-. EMOE 2352 India, 1973

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