Wednesday, June 26, 2002

American Rap samples Bollywood Rarity

An interesting thread on rmim drew my attention to Truth Hurts, another urban vocalist aided by Dr. Dre. The song is Addictive (that's the name of the song, mind you. Can't say too much about the song itself, since I haven't heard it yet) off the album Truthfully Speaking (more word play here my friends!). The song samples a forgotten Lata mujra Kaliyon ka chaman from a forgettable/forgotten film called Jyoti with lyrics by Anand Bakshi. The on-screen mujréwali is the mujra regular Aruna Irani and the gent being seduced is B-movie regular Vijayendra Ghatge. Wow! As a compliment to the original itself, the AMG review says The single "Addictive" is bizarre, with an Indian filmi vocal sample sounding stronger than Truth Hurts herself.

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