Friday, June 14, 2002

Screen bits

In an interview for Badhai Ho Badhai, Anil Kapoor was quoted as saying Andar Bahar also catered to the children.. What'''

'Thoda sa pyar hua hai, thoda hai baki...' -- the song from Maine Dil Tujhko Diya reportedly caught up in a big way, heralding the arrival of yesteryear composer Sardar Malik's youngest son and Anu Malik's kid brother Daboo Malik on the music scene. When talking to Screen, Mr. Daboo made it clear that just because he was Anu Malik's kid brother, he wouldn't go easy on the gauche ego trip: Daboo Malik has got on to the right track and I remember, long time ago, when my brother Anu was having a sitting with Manmohan Desaiji for Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, I was present too and I just came up with this line 'Saajan mera us paar hai, Milne ko dil beqaraar hai...'. And Desaiji liked it and said that would be the song. I remember vividly a remark made by him, 'There is something in you about songs and music which is special'. I was 19 then and today, when I think about it, I feel how right he was.. The best segment, however, is:

When did you realise that you had it in you to compose'

I don't know when exactly, but its been a little while now. For me composing songs started like a sudden eruption of a volcano. All of a sudden my head was filled with tunes, which kept coming just like that. So much so that I used to carry a walkman with me wherever I went, in the bathroom, in the lift, so that I could record the tune immediately. I didn't quite understand what struck me. In six months' time I was ready with more than 400 melodies. And what spurred me further was the acceptability by the industry. If I had one sitting with a filmmaker, I would immediately get a reaction in the form of praise, or a film offer came to me. Which assured me that I was good and that I was being recommneded. The power of acceptance is immense.

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