Thursday, June 27, 2002

Musical evening

Today has been a great day. In the evening, I managed to meet a few more R. D. Burman fans online: Shashi Rao, Subhash Chandra and there was a long fervent discussion of his music, especially "Tum bhi meri jaan" from Salaam Memsaab.

Thanks to an old boombox lying around in the lab that I could borrow for an evening, and the patience and kindness of Harish, we had another evening of Pancham's music, to the background of heavy rains outside. The music comprised: Amit Kumar's impassioned rendition of the title song of Rama O Rama, the gift CD from Renu, the second CD from Tumse Milke (the best RD compilation to come out from HMV in a long while) and a much-played tape of Rocky (which made so much more sense, since we had recently endured the torture of Na Tum Jaano Na Hum).

To top it all, I managed to finally corner and exterminate a resident roach in the house (yes, student housing is a roach-favourite and the rains didn't help matters).

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