Saturday, June 01, 2002

Library hauls, a quirk of fate, the best burger in Atlanta, and some Universal camp

Thanks to Chris I got a ride to the public library (the heat is on!).
As luck would have it, we never made it for Nine Queens. Instead we drove to Moreland Ave and had the best burger in town (the Ghetto Burger) at Ann's Snack Bar (rated Best Burger by Creative Loafing for the last two years). Just like in the movies, we sat at the counter and placed our orders. The burgers took form before our eyes (memories of wada paav stalls in Pune...) and behold, a meatlover's feast! I was curious about the kind of people who visited this place, since it is located in a predominantly black neighbourhood. Ann was kind enough to respond with a smile when I asked how many Indians came here: "I get a few now and then. They go on the Internet and they find me... I'm on the Internet you know {I nod in agreement, because we found out about her from Creative Loafing's listings online}". Amazing... a net savvy burger maestra.

Back home, the movie for the night was The Black Cat. The film is known as the best effort to bring Boris Karloff (who is curiously credited as just Karloff) and Bela Lugosi together on screen. The plot involving an American honeymooning couple in Hungary, a Satanist, and a Doctor searching for his wife and daughter is convoluted and strange enough. The corny dialogue delivered in deadpan fashion by veterans Karloff (as Hjalmer Poelzig) and Lugosi (as Dr. Vitus Werdegast) {and not to forget Manners and Wells as the couple opening the film with some randomly hilarious lines} includes such gems as "The phone is dead. Do you hear that Vitus? Even the phone is dead". Lots of classical music used in the background and some comic relief provided by the local officials. All in all, a fun film (unless you take it too seriously) and great fodder for the Ramseys.

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