Saturday, June 15, 2002

Dinner and some blues

I joined Mahesh and Harish for dinner at Rocky Mountain Pizza Co. pitching in only to help them finish the strizzata. The band for the evening had an interesting lineup: lead guitar (good phaser tone and good playing too), bass guitar (had a nice bit of phased output, competent but was overloud and had more enthusiasm than timing), drum kit (good again), two congas, cabbasa, and a tambourine. They started off with "Born under a bad sign" and the songs that followed were all blues with decent jamming and we left after they took a break following a cover of Clapton's "Cocaine". Lead vocalist didn't have the searing angst for the blues, but he can clearly make his own sound for the whole affair. They also had what I thought were a smaller version of cowbells, but my guitar instructor says they could have been agogo bells. Agogo bells seem to come in a pair though, and are linked. The little bells the band had were mounted horizontally on either side of a vertical bar. Any ideas?

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