Sunday, June 30, 2002

WRFG and a jam session

Mrs. Pandit suddenly remembered that Anand Bakshi was no longer with us. This had dire consequences for the R. D. Burman tribute I had hoped to have on the show. I still managed to mention his 63rd birth anniversary on the air with a few more facts, especially in the context of Anand Bakshi. I also got in two RDB/Anand Bakshi songs, both from the 1971 film Amar Prem (for which both R.D. Burman and Bakshi deserved awards, but got nothing!). Each track was preceded by a sound byte: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan introduced Chingari koi bhadke (arguably the best words to emerge from Bakshi's pen) and Pancham himself introduced Raina beeti jaaye. I also managed to squeeze in the Dil Padosi Hai take on Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai (which Gulzar got Jagjit to redo in Marasim). That was all the RDB you got on Sunday. Maybe July will be a lucky month. {last week}

The stinking weather didn't help matters and the only consoling thing about the rest of the day was the first jam session I've had: with Vinay and Vijay. An acoustic guitar and an electric Epiphone with an effects pedal and amp and a passable synth. The hightlight of the evening would be our funk/blues/jazz-laden take on the Anand-Milind ditty from QSQT, Papa kehte hain.

The evening was devoted to more listens to Rama O Rama and Dil ka Darwaza Khol De/Asha sings for R. D. Burman (Tape/T-series).

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