Sunday, June 23, 2002


Yet another day on Music from India {last visit}. This time around, I met the other group that hosts the programme: Jagan Bhargave (incidentally a Tech graduate from the 60s and another person with a connection to Pune), his wife Suman Bhargave, their frequent guest Radhika (who happens to be from UGA Athens), their guest for the day Reena Ronvellvala, and Salim (who hosted the opening classical music segment). I was on the air for the first time today -- as a guest on the show. The section I contributed to was, as always, "Down memory lane". The relevant RD Burman selections were:

* Rasta Dekhe Tera from Humshakal, complete with trivia on the resemblance to the opening guitar notes of In My Life by The Beatles

* Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho from Darling Darling

Since yesterday, I have been taking time out with origami. So far, I have a chicken, a fish, a rabbit and a turtle (today's addition). It's a very calming exercise. The evening was devoted to the regular evening mass. Dinner was a buffet at Mirch Masala after running into bad luck on two previous choices: the former Madras Café in its new avatar as a non-vegetarian-also Indian restaurant and Moti Mahal/Aangan which had now become Gokul Sweets (and was closed as well).

Music for the evening reading was tape 3 on the Asha Sings for R D Burman Golden Collection compilation which includes such rarities as Sharabi Aankhen, from Madhosh and Kisne Dekha Hai Kal from Heeralal Pannalal, both duets with RD Burman.

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