Sunday, July 14, 2002

Meadowdale Dinner

Yesterday evening I had an invitation to dinner at the Meadowdale residence of Prof. Ashwin Ram. I've had a whale of a summer working at his startup Enkia Corp. with James and Mandeep, who are probably finally smiling at seeing their names in e-print (they actually visit my blog on occasion and give me 'knowing' looks every now and then ... another issue to think about here: blogs and the loss of privacy!). Preetha was the gracious hostess and with adorable kids, a great Indian menu and The Dave Brubeck Quartet playing off a CD nothing could go wrong (except the weather of course: but the rain was great to look at). A nice pragmatic house without the clutter of pretentious decor and artifacts, their residence has the advantages of being close to town as well as overlooking a nice backyard that stretches on to a creek. Quite close to a dream house: all that I want and nothing more ... Time for Mick Jagger to step up and belt out You can't always get what you want ... (almost ironic that one of the CDs in their eclectic tasteful collection was the soundtrack of Lawrence Kasdan's The Big Chill)

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