Monday, July 01, 2002

Music for the day

A-sides by Soundgarden is a good exhibit of their Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath influences. My favourite would be track number 7 (how aptly placed) Outshined, which has an interesting riff in 7/4. Track 14, Burden in my hand is in the CGCGGE tuning {more on different tunings}. Another CD was a loan: Sentimental Duets from films (EMI/CD PMLP 5147). For trivia buffs this has the song Aaja teri yaad aayee from Charas, which has Anand Bakshi singing along with Lata and Mohd. Rafi (yes, a good song to have played yesterday, but Lata's shrieking is unbearable). The song I really wanted this CD for was Zamane mein sabse purani, one of the better Lata-Amit Kumar duets, from the Kumar Gaurav flop Lovers (scored by R. D. Burman, needless to say). The taal is hindustani roopak (7/8) and the raag, if I am not wrong, is pahaadi (other songs in this raag: doob maroongi main from the Shiv-Hari scored Sahibaan).

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