Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Relief against a dropping DOW

As the DOW drops steadily (in geekspeak: forcing a lot of programs to recode their variables as 'signed long integers' instead of 'unsigned long integers'), it's time for some light relief. Here's a cool Google groups search result.

Sick of buzzwords? Buzzwhack demystifies them for you. A very sober example would be the definition of information architect: A hugely inventive and successful way in which librarians (and a host of other wannabes) have made themselves relevant to computers and the Internet. An information architect's job is to balance the needs of Web site sponsors, the users and the designers so that information is presented in a manner that makes all concerned happier -- and the architect richer. While on that subject, check out Thom Haller's perspective on being an Information Architect.

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