Friday, July 12, 2002

Musical déjà ironia

It's Friday evening and (as may be expected from a simple sedentary soul like me) I'm still hacking away at Oracle's gift to humanity. Stored procedures and JDBC come close to providing the kind of walls you encounter when you deal with Microsoft Access (where the samples don't work and the help is an oxymoron). I had the online stream from Planet Rock to assuage my feelings and emotions. The playlist was almost a trip down memory lane when I sat at my desk on Friday evenings at PSPL wrapping things up or just sipping on coffee and catching up on e-reading, sifting through CDs to play (I had no sound card then and headphones were my escape): Tom Sawyer from Rush, Love Bites from Def Leppard, Black Dog from Led Zeppelin, Just One Life from Queen and Paranoid from Black Sabbath.

Incidentally, check out Deja Vu. They claim to recreate web history giving you an idea of how browsers have evolved over the years. Nice. Aah, Spirit of Radio from Rush is just over. Clapton is on now with his electric chorus-backed version of Running on Faith. Time to quit for the day. Happy weekend everyone.

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