Thursday, July 11, 2002

Rarity for the month

Fans of music will agree with me that there is nothing to equal the pleasure of (a) discovering a lost forgotten musical gem that you have never heard (b) uncovering a song that you recall having heard before, but the quality of your memories may vary. I had a case of (b) a week or so ago and have been wallowing in the joy of repeated listening. The song in question is an Asha Bhosle solo for Salil Chowdhury in an artsy 'destined-to-crash-at-the-box-office' film called Trishagni (The Sandstorm) from 1988 (starring Pallavi Joshi, Alok Nath, Nitish Bhardwaj, Nana Patekar and directed by débutante Nabendu Ghosh). Aisa lage kahin door se is a wonderful Salil composition in jhaptaal (5/4), and undeservingly lost in the dust at the box office.

More movie trivia: The film won the National Award for Best First Film of a Director.

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